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IgoriaCard is a multi-currency card that allows you to pay in 17 currencies anywhere in the world – automatically adjusts to the currency of the country you are in. Order a card that fits your needs.

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The Klasomat is a revolutionary system for the collection, record, and contribution of funds for any purpose. This intuitive billing system is ideal for educational institutions as well as any third parties that might work with them.

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Trejdoo.com is an online financial platform that provides solutions and services for individual and business customers. Trejdoo platform provides, among others, online currency exchange, currency cards, foreign transfers and other settlement and financial solutions.

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Our successes


"IgoriaTrade is going to offer cheaper transfers to the East" - the article in cashless.pl

10 October 2017

"IgoriaTrade [...] informed about signing a letter of intent regarding cooperation with PrivatBank, one of the biggest banks on Ukraine." - writes Jacek Uryniuk from cashless.pl

Non-bank multicurrency card - the article in "Puls Biznesu" magazine

6 October 2017

"At the very beginning IgoriaCard is going to handle 17 currencies and 136 currency pairs. Start in the autumn, For start in Europe and Turkey. IgoriaTrade, the issuer, has here an open bank account!" - Eugeniusz Twaróg from "Puls Biznesu" writes about currency cards