We're on the market since 2011


The mission of Igoria Trade is to introduce innovative financial services tailored to the needs and requirements of customers, through the platform.

The quality and safety of the products is verified and guaranteed by Igoria Trade and the company is listed on the NewConnect market on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Initially, Igoria Trade has launched two products on the platform: electronic currency exchange and Escrow trust account. The innovation of foreign exchange services is the 24/7 delivery of currency without spread charges.(the spread is the difference between the purchase and sale of currencies, charged by all intermediaries of such transactions). An Escrow trust account is an online trustees service, which does not require the parties of the contract to meet in the real world, while ensuring the safety of the transactions. The vast advantage of the service is a flexible business model, mobility and cost, which thanks to the Internet platform is several dozen times lower than the Escrow accounts offered by traditional bank trustees or notaries. Thanks to their complementarity, both services accelerate and facilitate trade, making it safer at the same time.

In subsequent periods, the company plans to expand into Central and East European markets and support their services through trading with the Far East.

Benefits for users of Escrow trust account:

  • eliminate the risk of insolvency of the counterparty;
  • reduce the risk of receiving faulty goods or late payment;
  • opportunity to negotiate contract terms;
  • access to the templates of contracts, transaction types, definitions and payment instructions;
  • easy and mobile access to initiate, negotiate and complete the transaction;
  • access to documentation and reports on the state of transactions and payment flows.

Benefits for users of foreign exchange services:

  • secure foreign exchange services in 24/7;
  • avoid the cost of the spread, i.e. the difference between purchase and sale of currencies;
  • access via mobile devices.

Benefits of merging both products:

  • boosting liquidity and guarantee of payment for goods or services;
  • the cheapest foreign exchange settlement;
  • real impact on improving the quality, and delivery date of goods or services;
  • portable and inexpensive access to non-stop services platform;
  • counseling and advice conducted by the customer service department.