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Igoria Trade S.A. received Financial Supervision Authority authorization to provide payment services as a national payment institution


Board of Igoria Trade SA announces that pursuant to the message of 202 Financial Supervision Commission meet-ing-term (FSA) on 20 December 2013., FSA unanimously authorized Igoria Trade SA to provide payment services as the National Payment Institution.
Receiving the authorization is an important step for the company and is related to the business extension of the pay-ment services area, which is the consequence of the development strategy of the Company.
The range of services covered by the authorization of payment include:

  1. acceptance of cash deposits and withdrawals of cash from payment accounts as well as all necessary actions/measures to maintain a payment account,
  2. execution of payment transactions, including transfer of funds to payment accounts on behalf of a user’s provider or another provider:
    1. by execution of direct debits, including one-off direct debits,
    2. by using a payment card or a similar payment instrument ,
    3. by execution of bank payment order, including standing orders;
  3. provision of cash transfer services.

Legal basis: Paragraph 1 of Appendix No 3 of the Alternative Trading System Rules “Current and Periodic Information Submitted in the Alternative Trading System on the NewConnect Market”.